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BC grounding cable / power cable
BC grounding cable / power cable
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10 Dec 2019
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Specification of

Specification of BC Lightning Protection Cables
Selling Lightning Protection BC Cable
Grounding Cables - Lightning protection equipment accessories & electrical equipment, cables used for lightning protection installation.
Purpose of installing lightning rods:
1. Capturing Lightning
By providing a reception system (Air Terminal) that can quickly welcome the lightning current, in this case it is able to be faster than its surroundings and protect it properly by calculating the amount of lightning.
2. Channeling Lightning Flow
Lightning strikes that have hit the lightning rod terminal as a receptor of lightning will carry very high currents, and therefore must be quickly channeled to the earth (grounding) through a conduit according to the standard so that there is no electrical jump that can endanger the structure of the building or endanger the device in a building.
3. Accommodating Lightning
By making a grounding system with resistance or soil resistance less than 5 Ohms. This is so that the lightning current can be completely absorbed by the ground without the potential step occurring. Even in the field today, generally resistance or ground resistance for lightning rod installations must be below 3 ohms.
4. Grounding System Protection
In addition to paying attention to resistance or soil resistance, the material used for making grounding must also be considered, not to easily corrode or rust, especially if it is in the area by the sea. To avoid lightning jumps that occur with a potential voltage difference, each grounding point must be protected by integration or bonding system.
5. Lightning Protection for Electric Power Lines
Protection against the pathway of vomit power is needed to prevent induction that can damage electrical and electronic equipment.
6. PABX Path Lightning Protection
Protect the entire telephone network and signals including fax machines and data networks.
7. Electronic Path Lightning Protection
Protect all electronic devices such as CCTV, machines etc. by installing an electronic surge arrester.
Price of Lightning Protection BC Cables

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