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Octagonal Single Paraball Ornament PJU Street Light Pole
Octagonal Single Paraball Ornament PJU Street Light Pole
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05 Jan 2021
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Specification of Octagonal Single Paraball Ornament PJU Street Light Pole

PT MIDO JAYA BERSAMA Sells Pju Light Pole To Meet Consumer Needs, With Our Commitment To Customers To Serve Economical Products With Comparable Quality, By Applying Strict Integrated Supervision, Starting From The Selection Of Raw Materials, The Production Process To The Delivery.
And to meet the demands of diverse customers, our company offers a range of quality solar street light poles. Street light poles are the backbone of street lighting, and in their use, they range from simple lamppost models to decorative lamppost models to beautify urban spaces.

PJU poles or street light poles are one type of lamppost that is specifically used and installed on roads or public roads, commercial areas such as industrial complexes, buildings and various other public roads such as in residential areas such as residential roads and real estate complexes. Street light poles are needed for high light places so that the lights will illuminate the surrounding locations a lot. These lampposts generally have many models of lampposts and various types of sizes, not only that there are several models of round, square and hexagonal lampposts. All models are made of selected materials that are not prone to corrosion and are durable against scorching hot and rainy weather

PJU Light Pole Specifications.

PJU light poles Manufacturers Wholesalers Octagonal / Hexagonal Hot Dip Galvanized Pole - High Mast - High Mast, and Polygonal Monopole - Single Square Pole offered by PT.MIDO JAYA BERSAMA

We must admit that with the development of the times, we have seen that along the way there are many roads that use street light poles / PJU.
develops a wide variety of steel poles for street light poles, parking lot & open space spotlight poles, garden light poles, decorative light poles, traffic signaling poles, cctv poles, & lightning-proof poles and high mast light pole structures.

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