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Octagonal Double Angle Ornament PJU Light Pole

Rp. 100
Last Updated
02 May 2023
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1 Pieces
Tiang PJU

Specification of Octagonal Double Angle Ornament PJU Light Pole

Using domestic raw material steel products, our factory operates advanced manufacturing techniques to develop a wide variety of steel poles for power poles, street light poles, parking lot and open space lighting spotlight poles, garden light poles, decorative light poles, signaling poles. cross, cctv poles, antennas and anti-lightning and high mast light pole structures.

The flexibility of our manufacturing process results in consistent production results from small to large light pole structures and is able to produce poles with custom designs according to your specific specifications with the right choice of materials to meet the conditions in even the toughest environments.

PJU poles or street light poles are one type of lamppost that is specifically used and installed on roads or public roads, commercial areas such as industrial complexes, buildings and various other public roads such as in residential areas such as residential roads and real estate complexes. Street light poles are needed for high light places so that the light will illuminate the surrounding locations a lot. These lampposts generally have many models of lampposts and various types of sizes, not only that there are several models of round, square and hexagonal lampposts. All models are made of selected materials that are not prone to corrosion and are durable against scorching hot and rainy weather

PT.MIDO JAYA BERSAMA ,, Provides all your needs ..

sells all forms of PJU poles / public street light poles, Hexagonal PJU Poles / Octagonal PJU Poles, Round PJU Poles, High Mast Poles, Spotlight Poles, Electric Poles / PLN Poles, Street Sign Poles, Street Marga Poles, CCTV Poles, Solar Poles Panels, Lightning Protection Kit, Grounding Cables, and Lights for pole purposes

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